2nd Uxbridge Girls' Brigade

"Seek, Serve & Follow Christ"

Who We Are

The Girls' Brigade (GB) is a Christian, international charity working alongside girls and young women of every background, ability and culture.

Since our foundation in 1893, GB has become known worldwide as a fun, interesting, challenging and relevant provider of activities, skills, care and Christian love for hundreds of thousands of young people.

GB is led by Christian women from local churches. These leaders are trained volunteers who are committed to providing a regular meeting time of activities and skills for girls and young women.


2nd Uxbridge Company was started in the 1930s by Miss Olive and Miss Bunty Maynard, as CAWG which in 1958 became Girls' Guildry.  In 1965, Girls' Guildry, Girls' Life Brigade & Girls' Brigade Ireland amalgamated to become The Girls' Brigade.  Sadly the Company had to close in 1978 due to lack of girls. 


The Miss Maynards retired to Devon but continued to pray for a girls work to start at the Church.


After a request from the Church, 2nd Uxbridge was re-born in September 1999.